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Does part of your community respond better to actual discussions rather than great articles? To help meet this type of learner's needs and introduce discussions on the subject of Career Fit™, we have developed quick easy-to-digest virtual sessions affectionately called Coffee-breaks. They are 10 minutes of information, followed by 20 minutes of live Q&A.

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Coffee-Breaks are a unique opportunity to share some valuable information with your members as well as test their interest and appetite for these types of conversations. They will:

Short impactful sessions

The Coffee-Break sessions offer your community an opportunity to introduce Career Fit™ and explore how they react.

Gather feedback

It is a great way to gather valuable insights from your community regarding their experience with Career Fit™ and its value.

No-risk approach

Hosting the 3 sessions, at no cost to you, is our approach to getting to know each other and exploring if the Career Fit™ discussions are .

Book your 3 free coffee-breaks

You don't have to be the career expert

Let us bring the Career Fit™ expertise and do the heavy lifting for you. Book your sessions and offer valuable information from live on-the-call experts. Gather as many of your community at the sessions to get the most impactful feedback.

Book your 3 free coffee-breaks

Help your community find workplace satisfaction

There is no reason for the people you support to be part of the Great Resignation, to be Quiet Quitting or for them to be disengaged at work. Finding the right position is important, connecting it to the right career is essential - yet most people are uncertain how to do this. This is why we created our Finding Career Fit™ programs to help them see the pathway to workplace satisfaction. Offer these discussions to your members today.

Book your 3 free coffee-breaks

Do you want to offer weekly sessions with our experts?

If you already know that your community will benefit from offering weekly discussions around Career Fit, you can access our Ask The Career Experts program. It is weekly live questions and answers about all aspects of finding career fit, from identifying, sharing, finding and getting positions that will lead to workplace satisfaction and success. 

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